Why do I blog?

1. Theme: To me, communicating with myself and communicating with the world are different. It’s hard to be completely honest when communicating with the world – you subconsciously try to be social by demonstrating values you want others to know and hide the ones you don’t. Communicating with myself is different, because I can’t hide any negative values from myself. Due to this sometimes I find myself avoid communicating with myself – perhaps as a way to hide the values I don’t want myself to know. This blog is a place where I share with the world, about some of the things I communicate with myself.

2. Content:  My thoughts on various things, some are personal, some are general. Occasionally I will also include some what I think to be interesting discoveries: (By using the word ‘interesting’ I have excluded Structural Engineering from this blog) Mostly about philosophy, psychology and economics.

3. Challenge:  I, a lot of the times, struggle to find the right words to say what I want to say (as can be seen by the sentence itself). Therefore I will try to keep the posts as short as possible. One thing I keep telling myself as I write is: Some stories are too short to be boring. For proof, Read (https://kevinsroad.wordpress.com/2013/09/24/whats-my-iq/)

4. Acknowledgement:  Yoav Zionov was and still is the best English teacher I have ever had. He taught me grammar after grammar and slangs after slangs. For a highly intelligent person he always has a simple way of explaining complex things. Einstein once said: If you can’t explain something simple enough, you don’t understand it. Yoav taught me everything about English: From the difference between ‘staff’ and ‘stuff’, to the difference between metaphor and simile. (‘A metaphor is like a simile’)  He is the most trustworthy friend and the best editor. I am grateful to him.  With all that said now you know who to blame if you see a spelling mistake in this blog.


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