Why I donated to Wikipedia

I think I donated to Wikipedia for three reasons.

First, every time I have a question, Wikipedia is there to answer. I have gained much knowledge through it, and I am grateful for its existence.

Second, I like Wikipedia’s vision: to give a free encyclopedia to every single person on the planet, in their own language.

Third, I like that its founder Jimmy Wales is doing everything he can to keep the vision alive. Jimmy could easily have started running ads like other websites do. He would make a few extra million dollars. Wikipedia would still be awesome. But he didn’t, because that would not be aligned with his vision.

Wikipedia needs donations to stay alive, and so I will happily support it.

I think it is pretty awesome to live in a world where practically all knowledge is accessible to everyone. It is even more awesome that I can contribute a part – however trivial it may be – to make this possible.


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